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Image by Matt Gross

The Sun • PORTALS Tarot Print

- Divinatory meaning: The Sun is nothing but exuberant, ecstatic joy. When you’ve come through a time of tension and distress, the Sun warms your skin and soothes your aches and pains. It at once relaxes and energizes. Body and mind alike are alert, happy and doubtless. All nature responds in the same way to the sun’s rays: with an opening. This card’s intent when pulled in a reading is simple and direct: be happy.

- Our card: We did not hold back on this one. This piece features every iteration of perfect bliss; in the color palate ranging from pale yellow to blinding gold, an array of blooming wildflowers, and the many faces of human mirth decorating its surface. We had kept each of these faces saved and piled together with a paperclip, knowing when we met each one that they were all contenders for the face of our sun. In November of 2021, Savannah went to Napoli for a 3 week residency. We didn’t know until she arrived that November is the rainy season in the Mediterranean, and it poured every day she was there. She brought with her this piece. It was composed with complete abandon, almost as an antidote to the weather. In the true spirit of the card, it features every scrap of gold and grinning face we’d saved. I like to imagine it did its part to keep away the wet chill of late autumn in Italy.

Original Art by Savannah Green
Insights by Eryn O'Sullivan

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy

the Sun • Tarot Print

PriceFrom $55.00
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