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Image by Matt Gross

The Hermit • PORTALS Tarot Print

- Divinatory meaning: Have you ever walked into a Cathedral? As you pass through its triptych doors and underneath its bell towers, you likely do the same thing most people do: you look up. It is a natural impulse to want to take in the enormity of the structure. A spiritual person would probably credit God here, rather than stonemasonry or architecture, and say “His” presence is the thing that tugs on the backs of our necks. Either way, cathedrals compel us to look up.
The houses humans build for God to live in have always been entrancing to me, regardless of where I found myself in my own spiritual search, or where my alliances lay and to what god. Even without the lore we attach to them, these places seem to provide peace, sanctuary, and spiritual succor for the hungry heart. If you don’t find that succor in old buildings, travel other expanses. Explore different healing modalities, try hiking, meditating, sound baths, astrology… try tarot! Approach your life with the enthusiasm of a true seeker.
This is the spirit of The Hermit. Sometimes, this card represents a figure we can emulate and follow into the wilderness with trust, so that we may ourselves gain wisdom. But why wait for a teacher to come along? We are each of us capable of being self-taught, and the best place to search for the wisdom we seek to gain is inside ourselves, on the ocean of our subconscious. No matter how rocky the shore on which we hope to land, or how choppy the sea we navigate, we can count on a lighthouse to guide us safely home.

- Our card: The Hermit had probably the quickest path from idea to completion of all our cards so far: we finished in just a couple hours. And while part of the reason for that is the simplicity of its design, I don’t think that’s all of it. The image of a lonely lighthouse guiding the seeker home was so clear, and so perfect for The Hermit that it had formed itself exactly as it appears to you now in our own minds.

Original Art by Savannah Green
Insights by Eryn O'Sullivan

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy

the Hermit • Tarot Print

PriceFrom $55.00
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