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Image by Matt Gross

Knight of Pentacles

- Divinatory meaning: A knight on a stationary horse surveys the land below him with his shotgun in his hand. He is some kind of lonely cowboy; far from home, but with a renewed purpose. He is there to protect the wild land he now calls his home.This card combines the canonical brave quest of the knight with the solid practicality of the suit of Pentacles. Of all the knights, this man is the most grounded and aware of himself. His gifts are subtler than the gifts of other knights. He may not always win a joust, but he understands how a person’s origins can inform their behavior. His talents do not make him the fastest, or the most accomplished, but they do assist in his insight and longevity. This knight is probably, despite the fact that he is often on his own, the most sociable of brave heroes. He understands his limits and knows the value of setting an approachable goal. He is not without bravery, but he possesses an intuition and sensitivity which is uncommon in his line of work. This gives him an edge. He knows when to move, and when to stand still and listen. If he comes to you in a reading, get your ducks in row, but don’t hesitate to act when it is necessary.
- Our card: I love the colors in this piece. The only thing that separates our Daniel Boon-ish knight from other more earthly heroes is the giant flower unfolding behind him, bolstering him and reminding us of his subtle divinity. This is a man who takes the measure of his surroundings before he makes moves.

Original Art by Savannah Green
Insights by Eryn O'Sullivan

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy

Knight of Pentacles • Tarot Print

PriceFrom $55.00
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