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Image by Matt Gross


- Our Card : This piece was completed after the opening of this show PORTALS. Forged at a transitional time of the seasons, when the witches & wise ones say “the veils are thinnest” and our connection to the otherworld is heightened, our ancestors close. The spirit realm is most alive in spooky season, so it is no coincidence that this card came to us at this time. There was no way I could’ve created this piece without having an intimate experience with death. When I sat down to create this card, I prayed to my loved ones passed - particularly my father who I miss dearly, to help me cocreate this portal. I asked them to show me what they know of death from their personal experience. It has always been a portal, a bridge, an opening - an ending that brings new beginnings - rebirth. I wanted death to be welcoming, not terrifying - a coming home to spirit, to Source from whence we came. So when I found out that human ashes under a high powered microscope looks just like nebulas in deep space, it was clear to me - we are all made of stars. We come from stardust to touch the earth and when our earthwalk is complete, we come back home to the great beyond. This piece is one of many pieces - the cosmic bodies and our earthy bodies, one and the same. Layered amongst each other so they are indistinguishable as separate entities because we are not in fact separate at all, but all one.

Original Art & Insights by Savannah Green

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy


Death • Tarot Print

PriceFrom $55.00
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