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Image by Olga Thelavart

Altared Spaces

energy clearing*

your home + office are your sanctuaries

let's treat them that way


Image by Olga Thelavart
Image by Edz Norton

What We Offer

a thorough energetic cleansing + protection

of your sacred space for your home, office,

creative studio or event space.


offered by a certified Reiki Master,

we provide room to room reiki 

crystal clearing, blessings + protective prayer

smudging with sustainable, powerful &

magical herbs, incense & sacred waters

altar/meditation space creation 

+ everything you need to feel safe, peaceful

& at home in the places you choose to live

your one beautiful life.

Why it matters

Energy is everything. You know it when you feel it.

That ineffable sensation when you enter a space 

and truly arrive. Or when you meet a kindred spirit.

Or when you hear a song that touches your heart. 


You feel at home.

Inspired. Safe. Expansive.

At peace.

Energy is everywhere we go, in everything we do & in everyone we meet. Sometimes it gets stuck, it accumulates & causes confusion or stagnancy.

All it takes is intentional action to realign.

We are here to help you clear the energy within your worlds so that you can live your best & brightest life.

Let's make space for magic!

Image by Maria Orlova

Let's Connect!

currently serving the NYC metro,

Hudson Valley & NJ Tristate Area


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Also available for 1:1 healing sessions in your home or office * by appointment *

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